immature, unmatured, unripe, unmellow mean not fully developed. Except for this denial of full development, the terms agree in implications and connotations with the affirmative adjectives mature, matured, ripe, mellow discriminated at MATURE.
Analogous words: crude, callow, green, *rude: *premature, precocious, untimely: childish, *childlike
Antonyms: mature
Contrasted words: matured, ripe, mellow, adult, grownup (see MATURE adj)

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  • immature — [ imatyr ] adj. • 1504 « prématuré »; lat. immaturus; repris 1897, angl. immature → mature 1 ♦ Sc. Qui n a pas atteint la maturité, n est pas à l âge où il peut se reproduire. Des poissons immatures. 2 ♦ Cour. Qui manque de maturité… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

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  • immature — [adj] young, inexperienced adolescent, baby, babyish, callow, childish, crude, green*, half grown, imperfect, infantile, infantine, jejune, juvenile, kid, kidstuff*, premature, puerile, raw, sophomoric, tender*, tenderfoot*, underdeveloped,… …   New thesaurus

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  • immature — [[t]ɪ̱mətjʊ͟ə(r), AM t ʊr[/t]] 1) ADJ Something or someone that is immature is not yet completely grown or fully developed. The birds were in immature plumage... She is emotionally immature. Derived words: immaturity [[t]ɪ̱mətjʊ͟ərɪti, AM t ʊr… …   English dictionary

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